Mohsen Moghaddam

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Affiliated Faculty, Khoury College of Computer Sciences

Northeastern University

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Mohsen Moghaddam is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Northeastern University, Boston. He received his PhD from Purdue University in 2016 and served the GE-Purdue Partnership in Research and Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing as a Postdoctoral Associate prior to joining Northeastern. Dr. Moghaddam’s focus is on building novel methods, tools, and technologies at the intersection of AI/ML, XR, and human-centered computing to augment the interaction of people with machines in industrial settings. His research is sponsored by NSF, DoD, and industry. Dr. Moghaddam is working with multiple multidisciplinary teams of investigators on several projects funded by NSF, DoD, and industry. Visit Projects for more information. Dr. Moghaddam is coauthor of over 40 refereed journal articles and two books including Revolutionizing Collaboration Through e-Work, e-Business, and e-Service (Springer, 2015), and Best Matching Theory & Applications (Springer, 2017). His serving the ASME Journal of Mechanical Design as Guest Editor for a special issue of "Emerging Technologies and Methods for Early-Stage Product Design and Development." He also served as a reviewer for several international journals such as ASME J. Mechanical Design, Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Int. J. Production Economics, Int. J. Production Research, J. Intelligent Manufacturing, Computers & Industrial Engineering, Decision Support Systems, Computers in Industry, IEEE Trans. on Indus- trial Informatics, IEEE Trans. on Systems, Man, & Cybernetics, and IEEE Trans. on Automation Science and Engineering. He is co-directing Northeastern University’s state-of-the-art Cyber-Physical Factory lab which will be operationalized in Fall 2021 in partnership with Festo Didactic for Industry 4.0 education and research.